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Thursday 6th September 2018

Swarovski customized with Flip Crystals Pink Nike Benassi Slides Flops Rose JDI pwZFzqS

According to co-founder Garrett Camp, the social sharing platform had 40 million users who contributed 60 billion "stumbles". It officially closed on 30th June.
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After 16 years online StumbleUpon, a social sharing platform that predated both Facebook and Twitter, has officially closed its doors.

Flip Swarovski Pink Rose Flops with Nike Slides Benassi Crystals customized JDI StumbleUpon was a random content generator. A user would click the stumble button and be taken to a random website, app, meme, forum, etc. that the platform deemed they’d find interesting.

JDI with Flip Flops Nike Swarovski Rose Crystals Benassi Slides customized Pink According to co-founder Garrett Camp, who also co-founded Uber, since its inception in 2001 StumbleUpon served 60 billion “stumbles” to over 40 million users.

On 24th May, Camp announced via Medium.com that the platform would be shutting down on 30th June. Yesterday, StumbleUpon’s official Twitter account signed off with:

“Today is the last day to hit that Stumble button. Thank you to our dear Stumblers for joining us in internet history.“

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It’s not quite the end though. All of StumbleUpon’s remaining users will see their accounts migrated to Mix.com, which is a new social sharing platform founded by Camp.

According to Camp, Mix.com will “combine social and semantic personalization into one streamlined experience.” Camp proclaims the new platform will help users find “obscure but interesting content” that has been recommended from within their social networks.

While StumbleUpon has been confined to an internet graveyard that hosts luminaries like Napster, About.com and AltaVista, Camp will be hoping the new social sharing platform can give some of the predominant social sharing platforms of the day a run for their money.

Rose Benassi Nike Pink Flip Swarovski customized Crystals with JDI Flops Slides Early reactions to the new platform have ranged from intrigue to characterising the new platform as a Pinterest and StumbleUpon clone.

As is often customary on the internet whenever change is announced, some internet users commenting on Camp’s announcement were less than pleased to hear of StumbleUpon’s demise.

Rose Nike Slides Swarovski JDI Flops Pink Benassi customized Flip Crystals with One user states, “not only [does Mix.com not] provide the [functionality] I am interested in, but [it] actively switches to a format…I do not like and am not interested in at all.”

Benassi Swarovski Nike Flops Rose Crystals with customized Flip Pink JDI Slides Meanwhile, another user stated, “Terrible idea. SU was great, it was unique, it was useful, it was easy to use. What you have made with Mix is a new Pinterest. Why do you expect the same success? I don’t understand this decision at all, and I’m saddened.”

According to online competitive analysis tools, Mix.com currently attracts 723,000 visits per month.

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