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Flip Crystal SWAROVSKI In Bling Havaianas Thin Silver Covered Flops Slim 6wqpYKf8
It's Crystalicious® Silver Genuine Brazillian Havaianas with Thin Straps completely covered in SWAROVSKI® Crystals - Crystal AB (Effects)

These couture Brazillian Havaianas with (Clear) Crystal AB (001 AB) has had the crystals attached by hand to the Thin straps with over 250 Crystals, by hand over several hours to produce an absolutely perfect, beautiful piece of art that looks spectacular!

All products produced by It's Crystalicious® are truly unique and made with the best crystals available on the market, no other crystal sparkles like Crystals from SWAROVSKI®.

(The photo doesn't do this amazingly Sparkly pair of Havaianas any justice.)

Shoe Colour : Silver.

Crystal Colour : Crystal AB (001 AB) Other Crystal Colours available upon request.

Your purchase comes with spare crystals.


* Brand New.

* Each order is uniquely made for each customer.

* 100% Handmade.

* Covered in Genuine Crystals from SWAROVSKI®.

* We are an Official SWAROVSKI® Branding Partner.

* Quality Products & Service.

* Worldwide Shipping.

For more information or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via Conversation or info [!at]

All items are carefully packaged & shipped by Australian Post.

Items are generally shipped within 7 - 14 Business Days, but some may take up to 21 Business Days depending on Crystal Colour availability.

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Flip Crystal SWAROVSKI In Bling Havaianas Thin Silver Covered Flops Slim 6wqpYKf8

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Posted:  01 Sep 2018 03:40
Big problem: I have been using Pale Moon Portable 27.9.0 until yesterday with FireShot 0.98.85. Everything worked perfectly.
Today I updated the browser to Pale Moon Portable 28.0.1 and suddenly FireShot 0.98.85 was stated to be "incompatible" and greyed out. Looking for a newer version I came upon version which is said to have Pale Moon 27+ compatibility added, however when trying to install this, I got the message "is incompatible because webextension format" (which Pale Moon does not support). However also PM 27 did not support webextension, so if that is true, then version must have been incompatible with PM 27, as well. Especially since the makers of Pale Moon promised that extensions that worked with version 27 will continue to work with version 28. Is ther any help? Fire Shot really is the ONLY tool that reliably captures long webpages.

Windows 7 Professional (Deutsch)
Pale Moon Portable 28.0.1 32bit (English)
SWAROVSKI Silver Flip In Slim Covered Bling Havaianas Flops Thin Crystal
Fire Shot 0.98.85 and newer
Posted:  01 Sep 2018 06:32
Hello, currently only the Pro version supports Palemoon 27+ (we're working on delivering FireShot to This should take a week or so, I think. Alternatively, you can try to override capability - I remember, there was a couple of extensions (for Firefox) to play with it. May be there's a similar solution for Palemoon too.
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Thin SWAROVSKI In Bling Crystal Havaianas Flip Silver Covered Slim Flops
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